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Merging to Minister to Many

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Christian Community Action Coalition (CCAC) is a non-profit organization focused on bringing together present and future churches, ministries, social services agencies, charitable organizations, colleges/universities, businesses, and individuals and "let the right hand know what the left hand is doing" and fill the gaps that exist when it comes to helping people experiencing (or on the verge of experiencing) set-backs in life: homelessness, jobless, battered/abused, recovering from substance abuse, parolees, veterans, seniors in distress, disabled, former foster children, and youth-at-risk. In order to make this possible, CCAC is building the coalition for "one stop shop; one call does it all." Presently, it takes a lot of calls, a lot of transportation and patience to access information, resources and persons who are equipped to help. With one central location, these services can be accessed with greater efficiency. Individually, the agencies, organizations and ministry resources are limited, but with joining forces together, they are unlimited and more easily accessible.

CCAC aims to empower, equip, encourage and add financial support to everyone who joins our coalition. Joining is FREE and very beneficial: (our deliverable items to coalition members)

  • Greater awareness of existence for prayerful and financial support
  • Cross promotional and referential relationship
  • Share resources to strengthen capacity for helping people
  • Statistical sharing 
  • Many more positive outcomes
  • Increased positive impact on the community

CCAC intends to accomplish the following: (our deliverable items to our community)

  • A Christian United Way
  • A database that links community service opportunities with individual volunteers.  (We believe we have made the connection to accomplish this.  Praise God!!)
  • A database that shows all resources available within the community that serve people.
  • A regional ministry center that serves the community 24 hours a day/7 days a week including but not limited to a prayer room, emergency housing resources, food pantry, clothing, etc..
  • Creation of a Christian credit union providing members with an opportunity to earn higher than market returns on their monies knowing that the monies will be used to invest in our community and serve those in need.
  • Acquisition and/or creation of affordable housing in our community.
  • Creation of businesses that provide jobs in our community.

CCAC is collaborating to implement innovative solutions by capitalizing on the gifting of every individual in our community that might include volunteer help services to the elderly, disabled, those suffering from medical issues, providing maintenance services that allow people to remain in their own homes, psychiatric counseling, mentoring, and even using creative housing solutions such as Tiny Houses 

At the end of the day, CCAC will do every thing possible, with the help of our coalition members, to make a positive difference and enhance the restoration to people's lives, livelihood and improved quality of life.

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